Resonance Control
Harmonic Stereo Effects
Up to 520 BP Filters
12 db/oct AND 24 db/oct
Vocoder Modes
Glide Control
Internal Wave Generation
32 Effects per Bank
Virtual 6 Octave Keyboard
Sequencer & LFOs

4ormulator Editor Window

THE EFFECTS You may recognize some of these effects, others are new... Some are so new that they are still unexplored. Most do not sound like the vocoders you've heard before. Some of the effects defy description, while others can be classified as musical entropy generators, ambient chaos fields, or even resonant soup machines! From simple audio 'sweetening' to strange new sonic worlds -- from subtle to outrageous -- as an instrument or post effect -- a completely new world of sonic exploration awaits you. The possibilities are endless.

THE DIFFERENCE The 4ormulator, although similar to a vocoder, includes features not found in the traditional vocoder. In addition to generating internal carrier and modulator signals, the bandpass filters offer a wide range of resonance (Q) and there are envelope generators which allow modification of the spectral envelopes. This, coupled with harmonic control of bandpass placements and frequency modulators, results in many amazing effects which have never before been possible!

PROCESSING The bandpass filters are implemented using analog filter models with 12 db/oct and 24 db/oct selectable cutoff slopes. The resonance (Q) is adjustable and can be set to high values that approach oscillation! The LFO and Sequencer modulators are designed so that the modulation frequencies remain constant even if the sample rate is changed. By applying traditional electronic music models and methods, the results are intuitive, natural, and easy to control.

Using a highly optimized proprietary algorithm, spectacular results are achieved.

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