Enhanced Edition Features:

12 Preset Views which you can use to save display setting configurations
Custom Colors which you can use to customize the display colors
Lunar and Solar Rings which show the positions of the Sun and Moon
Custom Captions let the user add a text label to the display
Screensaver mode to operate as a screensaver
A Refresh timer will automatically update the Earthquake information
Earthquake Alarm Bells (or user WAV files) will sound when new Earthquakes are detected
A Headline News Ticker scrolling along the bottom of the display with the latest Earthquake News
Up to four user supplied External Earth Images may be used
Individual Earthquakes may be selected to show their information on the Controls window
Double right click on flags for detail pages with extended Earthquake information and local maps
Filters with Minimum and Maximum Range Settings for Magnitude, Depth, and Date
A variety of Earthquake feeds (see below) which can be combined or viewed individualy.


USGS - USA includes 9 different feeds with 30 day, 7 day, 1 day, and one hour lengths
GS RAS - Russia Most recent 150 worldwide earthquakes
Smithsonian Institution Active Volcanoes Worldwide volcano activity
EMSC - Europe Includes 3 different feeds
Geoscience - Australia Last 7 days
Geophon - Germany Most recent 20 earthquakes
BGS - United Kingdom Last 30 days
GEONET - New Zealand Includes two feeds
NRCAN - Canada Includes 3 feeds
INGV - Italy Includes 3 feeds
KOERL RETMC - Turkey Most recent 150 earthquakes
IG - Greece Last 2 days
PHIVOLCS - Philippines Current month
SSN - Mexico Last 24 hours
Custom Feeds - User supplied Earthquake data in a CSV format -- which can be a local file or a remote internet file

In addition, two Earth images are included for use as External Earth Images: Night Earth and Cloudy Earth.

Enhanced Edition Screenshots


Typical 'Stacks' (below) and Earthquake 3D Control Window (right)


Night View Population Light

Tectonic Plate Map

Transparent Earth

Earth Type C

Angle Alignments

Blue Marble Earth

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